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SOFIA RING MALL gives you a full emotional experience. It is the newest mall in Sofia which revolutionizes the way people perceive, live, visit and look at malls.

SOFIA RING MALL is connected to the first and only IKEA store in Bulgaria and to a future residential development in the up-and-coming Malinova Dolina District, including upscale residential areas such as Boyana and Simeonovo, which makes it a powerful destination with a customer-friendly shopping concept. It provides entertainment and leisure opportunities which extend beyond its glass walls to green areas, recreation parks and breathtaking views towards the city and the Vitosha mountains. This immersive close-to-nature experience is what sets SOFIA RING MALL apart from its competition.

The green areas constitute 30% of the whole  project. One of the most important features of these open spaces is that they use as much natural light and ventilation as possible, strengthening the sense that we are walking among nature and not in artificially conditioned closed spaces.

When the investors – FOURLIS GROUP and DANAOS GROUP – started to plan the project they reviewed the relationship of the site with the people in the vicinity and the environment, and envisioned SOFIA RING MALL to be a shopping mall for citizens and families to congregate, play and shop while enjoying an eco-friendly experience. The nearby IKEA store already serves as a major destination for local residents. The two centers combined together – IKEA and SOFIA RING MALL – are expected to attract up to 40 000 people per day. Most of the project uses open air balconies and plazas to create the feeling of a downtown entertainment district. It is distributed on three levels and features a tenant mix of over 200 stores, including fashion and sports stores, wellness facilities, a 10-screen cinema multiplex, spacious and diverse outdoor and indoor court, reflecting the diverse styles and tastes of all types of customers. SOFIA RING MALL has a paramount portfolio of retailers and brands such as Cine’ Grand, Piccadilly Supermarket, Mr. Bricolage, Technomarket, Yavor furniture, Intersport, Public and many others.

“People will love this place, they will embrace it as an urban environment. It’s a microcosm of a city immersed in nature. SOFIA RING MALL offers instant gratification”, say the developers. 



Sarah Vuittenez - NESTLE Bulgaria

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