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We are the largest Film Production Services in Eastern Europe!

The Studio is the successor of the former Bulgarian State-owned Boyana Film Studios, established in 1962 as the main feature film and television production facility in the country until the early 1990′s.

It is currently owned by the Hollywood-based Production companies Nu- Image and Millennium Films. The company was founded in 1992 under the name Nu Image, Inc. 

Millennium Films is one of the longest-running independent film companies in the history of Hollywood, with 20 years and more than 300 movies to its credit.  The company now produces, finances and handles international sales for 5-8 star-driven movies per year, generally with budgets between $20 million and $80 million.

It is best known for such films as “The Expendables” (a $273 million worldwide hit), “Righteous Kill” (reteaming Robert De Niro and Al Pacino) and Werner Herzog’s “Bad Lieutenant. Millennium also operates full-service studios in Shreveport, Louisiana, and Sofia, Bulgaria.  

Since Nu-Boyana Film Studios rebuilt this picturesque place on the outskirts of Sofia, we have hosted the production of 180 Feature Films, including high-budget movies such as“The Black Dahlia”  “The Way Back”  The Expendables”  ”Conan” “300, the Rise of an Empire”

Nu-Boyana is a full Service Operation with standing sets which can be economically transformed to meet  the production’s needs. 95% of the film can be shot right on the studio lot.

Nu-Boyana has everything to produce a high quality film: camera equipment, lighting equipment, production offices, picture vehicles, vast art department, standing sets, catering, post production facilities, all the way down to costumes and extra casting services.

The crews and personnel maintain a high standard of professionalism, and are all English-speaking.

Among these facilities, we host Kodak Cinelabs, and the CGI Worldwide FX in Bulgaria has “grown in size and stature to become one of the premiere Visual Effects houses in Europe.

The studio puts a huge effort into supporting Film-makers in fulfilling their artistic vision by creating a comfortable environment whilst helping them stay within their budgets. The focus is on the quality of the Services and having everything on site.


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